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The “Living a Prosperous Life” Workshop

I am delighted to announce an eight-week workshop, “Living a Prosperous Life”.  I will be co-presenting with my amazing colleague, Lair Torrent.  We have been working and learning and healing together for about 10 years now, and my admiration for him grows and grows.  His expert advice and generous heart-felt support have been hugely helpful in my own growth, and his work with clients is amazing.  Now, for the first time, we are teaming up to offer a class to address the challenges we have seen our clients face and that we have struggled through ourselves.


Lots of people want to change their lives.  Many people find that when they try, however, they run up against a lot of old habits and sabotage behaviors that get in their way.

If this is your experience, and you would like to begin to understand and address these unconscious patterns, this class is for you.


  • We will have a weekly one-hour class on a conference call on Saturday at 9am, starting June 16, 2013.  If you miss the call, we will record it for you listen to later, but we strongly suggest you be on the call!  Lair and I will be there, as well as your fellow students, and healing happens much more effectively in community.
  • You will also be part of an private online community in which you can explore your thoughts and offer ideas to others in your group.  Lair and I will answer questions and have other experts offer their insights into your unique challenges.  This will be a closed group, limited to participants and teachers in this course only, so you can explore safely and honestly and hear from others doing the same.
  • We will assign weekly homework and daily practice and provide support to allow you to begin to transform old patterns and habits.
  • We will offer a loving environment to allow you a safe place to stumble and fall when your unconscious patterns trip you up, and then catch yourself and offer understanding and healing to whatever tripped you!
  • We will teach you how to offer yourself non-judgmental love and support, and help you see the link between your habits and your wounding so you can heal rather than criticize yourself.
  • We will train you in mindfulness — one of the most important tools in creating joy and freedom in your life.
  • And we will offer ongoing support for your life path through online communication and through group and individual offerings.


This is what I have learned in working with clients over the years:   For some people, books and recordings are enough.  They try what the authors recommend, and the changes start to happen.

But for a lot of people, it just doesn’t work that way.  They buy books, download videos, go to weekend seminars, set alerts on their phones, make goal lists, vision boards, and on and on, but it just doesn’t work, or maybe they see dramatic changes and then something comes in and totally derails their progress, or they succeed only enough to just barely keep their heads above water.

In my work I have heard people say over and over again that they want to make changes in their lives — their financial situation, their work lives, their exercise routine, the way they interact with others, or a million other things.  But every time they get close, something sidelines them.  People have told me they want to believe in things like their ability to create abundance, to handle their time, to find a loving partner, a decent home, a better job, and they have read books, listened to recordings, but it never seems to work for them.

Working together, we begin to look more closely at their individual situation, and when we dig deeper we uncover a lot of feelings, fears and beliefs as well as trauma patterns that are getting in their way.

I think for many people — and this is my story too — our trauma wounding is great enough that our subconscious mind recreates the patterns we want to heal faster than we can catch it.  Because this process is subconscious, we can’t even see it.  If we do some awareness work, read an inspiring book, or take a great workshop, and we begin to get close to seeing the patterns we are creating, the subconscious mind blind-sides us by making us angry at someone, or depressed at our situation, or confused by all the different messages we are receiving.  And then next thing we know, we have forgotten all about our resolutions and insights, and three months pass dealing with the situations we have created to distract ourselves.

This is known as dissociation, and it is the nervous system’s way of protecting us from what it perceives as dangerous.

The mind that is colored by trauma distracts us because it believes this is NECESSARY FOR ITS SURVIVAL.  It KNOWS (although this is not true) that the very changes your conscious mind wants to create are DANGEROUS.  So it makes sure they don’t happen.

And here’s the kicker.  The unconscious always wins.


Maybe it seems like we’re getting somewhere for a while, but pretty soon something comes up and undermines our progress.

So what to do?

What we need is a two-fold approach.
Bringing what is unconscious to consciousness…
… and healing the underlying trauma.

One essential aspect of this is that healing happens in relationship.  When it comes to healing the unconscious, there are things we just can’t do alone.  And that is the crux of why very good advice, excellent exercises, and deep insights just don’t work for some of us.  We need to heal our unconscious trauma, and we need to do it in relationship.

So as therapists, Lair and I see our unique ability to contribute to this field.  We have helped dozens of people individually to heal parts of their lives that are causing them pain, and now we are teaming up to create an opportunity for us to offer the tools we have developed over our years of practice with others and our healing work on ourselves.  We have created a process to allow you to experience some of the benefits of one-on-one therapy, the support of a loving community, and the insight of years of work, in an accessible and affordable program.

We have not yet set a price point for this pilot program.  We are offering this first round of classes on a pay-what-you-wish basis.  Take a number and multiply it by eight and that is your price.  But do not choose the number zero.  That won’t benefit you!  Your first homework exercise is sitting with this question to find the right amount for you, to support you in creating a prosperous life.

If you would like to participate, please contact me: marycordelia(at)gmail(dot)com

Sending deep wishes for your joyful and abundant life,


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