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Young Hero’s Retreat


As many of you know, I am a mindfulness teacher and therapist. 

There is a young person I have been working with as he/she heals from some severe abuse.  (I am keeping his/her identity private for obvious reasons!)  This young person has done incredible work in the last few years, including contributing to the healing of other people in his/her community.  He/She would like to go on a Mindfulness Retreat, but has no money, and so I thought I would start a crowdfunding site to support this experience.

Would you like to donate a little to support this?  If you do want to contribute a little, even $5 will add up! 

Just click here:

I would also like to contribute by offering you a free personal mindfulness session, either in my NYC office or via skype or phone, in return for any donation over $50.

Thanks and love,

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