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I wanted to write this blogpost to share some information I think is really valuable.

Therapists need to have a number of different tools in our toolbox, because different people, different issues, and even different days require different approaches.  One of the tools I use in my practice is EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  There are other names for it, and sometimes it is simply referred to as tapping.  This page will serve as a brief intro to EFT so that you can try it yourself.  Read more

When Breathing and Walking feel like too much…

Some days, you can wake up and everything feels like too much to bear.  Today was one of those days for me.  I hardly slept last night — my mind was on overdrive. Read more

Eight Weeks to a Better Brain

The current issue of the Harvard Gazette has a fascinating article entitled Eight Weeks to a Better Brain that shines new light on the real and measurable positive effects of mindfulness practice.  It was incredibly gratifying to read this, and of course I immediately forwarded the article Read more

Learn How To Reduce Your Anxiety Level

Anxiety Reduction Workshop: Chill (without a) Pill

Anxiety is at the center of so many of our lives these days.  The combination of a fast paced, competitive society, our own internal struggles and fears, and the challenges presented by the economy, our families, our jobs, and day to day life leave us feeling overwhelmed and on edge. Read more

Hazy Recall and Depression

I’ve been teaching Mindfulness as a tool to deal with depression and anxiety for a number of years, and the other day, a friend forwarded me this article from the NY Times, “Hazy Recall as a Signal Foretelling Depression.”  It talks about the connection between depression and “overgeneral memory” Read more