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Posts from the ‘Depression’ Category

Eight Weeks to a Better Brain

The current issue of the Harvard Gazette has a fascinating article entitled Eight Weeks to a Better Brain that shines new light on the real and measurable positive effects of mindfulness practice.  It was incredibly gratifying to read this, and of course I immediately forwarded the article Read more

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

One of the greatest challenges facing those who have experienced depression or chronic anxiety is the question of how to stop it recurring.  Ironically, the success of modern depression treatments has actually increased this problem.  The most common treatment for depression is anti-depressant drugs, Read more

Hazy Recall and Depression

I’ve been teaching Mindfulness as a tool to deal with depression and anxiety for a number of years, and the other day, a friend forwarded me this article from the NY Times, “Hazy Recall as a Signal Foretelling Depression.”  It talks about the connection between depression and “overgeneral memory” Read more