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Stepping into the New Year, following my broken heart

This post is named for Alice Walker’s beautiful book, The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart.  This phrase has been ringing through my mind during the past few couple of weeks as a mantra to steady me…

“The way forward is with a broken heart, Mary.  The way forward is with a broken heart.”  

This is partly in response to the terrible shooting of ten children and seven adults in Connecticut on December 14th, but the words had already started cycling through my thoughts earlier that week, after I heard that a client I work with, let’s call her Pam, had a particularly awful experience that left me feeling shaken and wondering how I can possibly help in a world where there can be such pain.

In the following days, I saw Read more

Weaving a Tapestry of Wellness – Indra’s Net

At the core of my practice is mindfulness, and one of the great strengths of mindfulness practices is that they help us to stop and recover.  From a quiet place, we can evaluate what is the most skillful means of addressing what is present in the  moment.

One of the important aspects of my work as a therapist is my knowledge that I am a part of the solution, but only a part.  It’s very important for me to remember that I am in partnership with my clients in working toward their well-being, and also in partnership with other people who form their web of resources.  There is a Buddhist metaphor that I like very much.  It’s called Indra’s Net — the web of connections between all beings, everywhere.  A very beautiful aspect of Indra’s Net is the image that at every place the net intersects, there is jewel and each jewel reflects every other jewel, infinitely.    Allan Ginsberg wrote this about Indra’s Net, Read more

We are happiest when we are contributing!


(Written a week or so after Hurricane Sandy hit our area.)

A friend, Nina, sent the link to this video, which she said was a “tirami sú.”

The video my friend sent contains gorgeous images of the natural world and the music and text of “What a Wonderful World.”  I never knew that tirami sù means “pick me up” until her email prompted me to look it up, so thank you Nina for the video and the new word!  My sense of gratitude is so strong this morning that I feel a strong desire to write about it, and thought I would add it to my blog, in case my words are useful to anyone today.

It was very moving, and I am particularly aware of Read more

Suruluna Animal Sanctuary

In my work to increase compassion in the world, I definitely want to extend it to many beings.  So…

This is Suruluna, a brand new Animal Rescue project that I am proud to be part of… please check out the post and offer what support you can!

Here’s the intro page on Suruluna’s blog:

And you can donate here:

Join Our Free Weekly Recharge Call

Ongoing community support is essential to all of us in developing our mindfulness practice and healing ourselves. As great leaders throughout history remind us, one of the most important elements of support is community. Read more

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

One of the greatest challenges facing those who have experienced depression or chronic anxiety is the question of how to stop it recurring.  Ironically, the success of modern depression treatments has actually increased this problem.  The most common treatment for depression is anti-depressant drugs, Read more