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Links to several helpful downloads

sprout with dropThree Minute Breathing Space

This is one of the most important practices of the MBCT program.  We do not introduce it until the third week, because we first want to create a foundation of being ABLE to be mindful.  It’s a skill that takes some practice.  However, once we do introduce it, we assign it every day, three times a day!

I personally really push participants to make this happen.  In the years I’ve been teaching the course, I have seen a huge difference between people who practiced it and those who didn’t.  Practicing it daily is a strong foundation for learning to be present with what is.  This in turn has huge benefits in terms of dealing with our own lives.

Please comment below if you have experienced benefit from this practice.  It will help others!

Click Here to download the Three Minute Breathing Space



From Agitation to Focus

This is a guided meditation you can use to recover from moments of stress.  It’s about 10 minutes long, and really requires that you be able to stop, follow your breathing, and do your best to become present, so it’s not so much for listening as it is for practicing.  If you can get yourself to stop and try it, I think you will benefit.  Again, feel free to comment below.

Click Here to download From Agitation to Focus


Recent Intro Talk (at Pine Bush Library)

This is a recording of an intro evening I did recently.  Feel free to listen if you feel you would like to learn more about mindfulness and stress reduction.  The talks are better in person, because there are visuals and people are sharing, but you might find it useful.  I do these on an ongoing basis, and am happy to come to talk to your group or institution.  Please email or call if you’d like to discuss that.

Click here to download the Intro Talk

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