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Private Sessions

This is me with Leon, one of my wonderful dogs.
Hi, I’m Mary, and I help good, smart people to stop getting in their own way. (And this is my 90-pound lap dog, Leon.)

I offer individual sessions, and if you think you might benefit from these, let me ask you a few questions…

Do you ever find that anxiety or confusion prevent you from doing the things you really want to do?

Do you have periods of success, and then when it’s going well, you suddenly mess things up?

Do you ever feel depressed or hopeless, thinking you’ll never change?

Do you find yourself wondering what’s wrong with you?


If you can identify with this, then you probably already know you’re a smart person, and you already realize you’re a good person (or at least I bet you’re really trying), but somehow you keep getting in your own way.

  • Maybe you don’t follow through on things that are important to you.STONES.FOCUS.NEW

  • Maybe you get overwhelmed by the sheer number of details you have to cope with.

  • Or you find yourself setting achievable goals… making a clear plan to reach them… and then watching an entire season of My Name is Earl on Netflix.

 Or perhaps you’re more like this…

  • You get angry or resentful and undermine your relationships.  

  • Or you undervalue your work and expertise and trade too much of your time (a finite resource) for too little money (a potentially infinite resource).

Or maybe you can’t seem to protect your time…

  • You find yourself saying yes to requests even while the little voice in your head is saying “Bad idea!   You have way too much to do already, and you don’t even like those people!”

Or you procrastinate…

Or you “forget” things that are important to you…

And maybe years of this kind of thing has led to intense frustration with yourself…

           or feelings of despair and hopelessness

                       or even full blown depression and anxiety attacks.

So why on earth do you keep sabotaging yourself????  What’s wrong with you??? 

(the mean voice in your head demands… again.)

Well here’s an important piece of information. 

There’s NOTHING wrong with you!


You might need a little convincing, but I promise you it’s true.

As for why you do this stuff, maybe you already know… maybe you’ve already done a lot of healing work.  Perhaps you know that you experienced trauma or abuse as a child, and you can see how it led to your behavior.  Or it’s possible you feel like you had a great childhood, and you shouldn’t be like this…

… But even with this insight, you just can’t seem to get over these habits.

And that’s not surprising, because we just can’t think our way out of this kind of unconscious self-sabotage.

However, you have tried!  And as we both know, you’re smart, so maybe you have really, really tried a lot of things, and you’ve come up with some strategies to cope with all this.  I bet sometimes you’ve compensated really well, and no matter how many times you’ve slid back, you’ve slogged your way forward again.

But honestly that’s just really exhausting.

And it doesn’t have to be this way! 

I know because I was there too. 

In my case, I was what we might call a parentified child.  The adults just weren’t there, and if I was going to eat, get to school, and take care of my little brothers, I needed to figure it out on my own. 

And I did.  Looking back, I can see I was pretty amazing, but I didn’t feel amazing.  I felt hopeless and overwhelmed, and truly exhausted.   And eventually very, very depressed.

But I still didn’t let that stop me.  I got educated and built a career, and I made money, and I won some awards, and basically kept at it.  But no matter what I accomplished, I still felt like a failure most of the time, and as if total defeat was just one mistake away.

But here’s what changed.  Over the years I did a lot of healing.  I’ve been lucky to have a group of great people help me – insightful therapists, brilliant spiritual teachers, kind friends, and truly the best siblings on the planet (thanks guys!)  And I slowly began to really settle into a sense that I was good enough, I was safe, I was capable of pursuing my dreams and following through on them. 

And I knew I wanted to pass this on.

So starting around 1995, I did a lot of training, culminating in the powerful and intense four-year Helix Training Program.  I became certified as a Pastoral Counselor and Holistic Therapist.  If you want to know what on earth that is, feel free to read the Helix website.  The main thing to know right now is…

I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them heal underlying traumas that have been getting in their way.  And I am committed to helping you find the same kind of healing that I found —

  • Peace in Yourself
  • Confidence in your Goodness
  • and Trust in your Ability to make your life what you want it to be


“I worked with a lot of therapists over the years, but never felt like I was getting any better at dealing with life.  It just seemed to get harder and harder.  I eventually ended up in hospital.  But then someone gave me Mary’s name, and for the last year and a half I have been working with Mary.  I can truly say, from the first day she has helped me reconnect with myself and with my calmness and joy and even my connection to others.  And maybe the best part is she teaches me to do it myself, so day by day I get better and better at dealing with stressful situations and people.  Also, these days I am living in a way that connects me with my dreams and ambitions, and my life has direction that I actually never really imagined was possible.  I am beyond grateful to Mary, and I hope everyone gets to work with her.”

A.G., New York City (went from being unemployed and depressed to following his dream as an actor and activist.  Recently completed his first role in a major motion picture.)


To talk about how I might be able to help you, please contact me and schedule a free, no obligation phone appointment.  Just click here and fill out the form or give me a call and we’ll find a time together.

And for a taste of the work we might do together, download this free recording, From Agitation to Focus, which will guide you in a centering, calming exercise that can reconnect you with yourself, so you feel grounded and prepared for whatever your next step is!

Love and blessings!

  MarySignature coloradjust


“Mary has been so patient, kind and inspirational. She has such a passion for her work and has helped me understand so much in a short period of time.  I hope everyone would be able to take this time for themselves, because it is so enriching.”                     – A recent workshop graduate


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