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Total Holistic Healing Program

shutterstock_179251322I have developed a monthly Total Holistic Healing program to address a situation I have seen arising too often.  Sometimes, people spend months (and even years) going to a weekly therapy appointment, without much understanding of the benefits they are experiencing.  Perhaps it’s even helping, but there’s this sense of not really having much control over the situation.

I have found that what makes a great difference is a clearer, more structured plan for my client, especially in the early stages of our work together, and particularly when dealing with patterns and unhappiness that have been around a long time.

To this end I created this monthly Total Holistic Healing program.  The structure allows time for the deep weekly work we can do together (the bottom-up work that is essential for healing trauma and unconscious anxiety), while also creating clear understanding of how to work in the times between our sessions (the top-down work that allows you to be in the driver’s seat).

I have found that this leads to a better understanding of the process and of your own accomplishment in this work, and helps you develop a sense of empowerment that is derived from your understanding of your role in your healing.

The monthly package includes

• Weekly 50-minute sessions, either in person or by phone or skype. (This includes a bonus 5th session several months of the year.)

• Two additional 15-minute phone calls every month in case you are needing to check in between sessions about something that has come up.

• Weekly, step by step, home practice guides, personalized for you, as well as follow-up support to see how they are working for you.

• Every month, I also create a personalized mp3 recording, focused on what you are currently working with, so you can have a helpful tool available at any time, wherever you are.

• You also are invited to join a small facebook group, which I personally moderate.  The group is dedicated to supporting you in using mindfulness to support your well-being.  All the members in this group are mindfulness practitioners who have worked with me on developing their understanding of mindfulness and healing work, and the support of the group can be very helpful.

• We also create and check in with an ongoing holistic assessment of your current life and your future, so that your wellness practice can be extended to all areas that are important to you.

• In addition, if you should want to take one of the workshops or classes I offer, you will be invited to take it for half price.

If you have any questions about this process, please call me.  I am dedicated to supporting you in doing deep and lasting healing work, so that you can feel your aliveness and joy.


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