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Professional Testimonials

~ I took the MBCT workshop myself and have since recommended it to clients who have taken it. The structure of the program, the homework and the discussions give the client tools that help them navigate difficult feelings.   I work with mindfulness in my sessions, but individual therapy sessions need to involve many different things, so it can be difficult to really have them practice mindfulness and integrate it.  Because the focus of each class and homework is the practice of mindfulness, the learning is experiential and so the integration is faster. Over the eight-week period, they are able to assimilate many of the new skills into their nervous systems.
It also seems to me that the work in the group (seeing others’ pain) helps the client acknowledge and be present with their own suffering and speeds up the process of self-acceptance. While having a therapist telling them to be gentle with themselves is very helpful, it is even more powerful to see classmates with similar feelings bringing them to light and working through them.

I would also like to add that I have even referred very sensitive clients to Mary, because I trust her gentle and steady hold.  I know she will help me create an environment in which they can learn to feel safe, develop non-judgmental awareness, and increase their capacity to acknowledge what is going on with them.

Because of its benefit to my clients and our work together, I will continue to refer clients to the MBCT program.

Ashley Walker,

~ As an MFT clinician in training I received the great privilege of taking this course through my practice, and gained so much, both personally and professionally. I not only was able to add tools to my own therapeutic skill set, but was able to find deeper healing in my own personal journey.

Mary creates an almost instant container of safety for the group, no matter where they are in the journey of healing.  Mary not only clearly and skillfully teaches the concepts of MBCT, she embodies its kind and gentle nature.  It is evident that Mary puts her heart and soul into her work, and truly loves what she does.  It was amazing to witness the transformation of myself and some of the group members in a very short period of time.  Mary provides concrete, easy to learn, and adaptable tools for managing the uncomfortable emotions that life can sometimes bring. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is suffering from depression, anxiety, or just the challenges presented by life itself!

Allison Lefkowitz, LMFT,